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I am available to proofread any material, be it printed, web-based, digital or emailed, to ensure that the reader, colleague, purchaser or service user understands the text and does not encounter errors that may detract from its impact.



If you run a business of any kind, then your website, newsletters, blogs and marketing publications are representative of that business and you will want your written material to be presented as smartly and efficiently as possible. Click here for more information.




I can work with individuals in order to present their work to the standard their profession requires. Click here for more information. 

  • Expert witnesses: I can proofread expert witness reports, including legal and medico-legal reports, for example for doctors, lawyers, engineers among other experts drawn upon in trials and tribunals. In addition to my background as a former solicitor, my substantial experience proofreading over 60 Lloyd's Law Reports and Medical Law Reports since 2018 means that I am familiar with cases, legislation, terminology, courts and legal style. Examples of cases I have proofread include shipping/maritime, insurance, arbitration, jurisdiction, clinical and professional negligence, capacity and best interests, and Medical Practioners Tribunals, among other areas. Click here for more information. 




I understand the need for your ideas to be presented to the appropriate readership or journal/peer review at the highest possible standard without the distraction of errors or inconsistencies. Click here for more information.




Organisations and charities need to provide information to a wide range of people of various abilities in an accurate yet cost-effective manner. Click here for more information.


I help traditional book publishers and magazine publishers, who outsource their proofreading requirements, to benefit from a rigorous review of the text before it goes to final print or publication. Click here for more information, or self-publishers can find more details here.

Creative writers/creative writing students

For this specific service, please visit my dedicated page on my author website

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