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Proofreading for organisations


Organisations, charities, educational establishments, not-for-profit or similar bodies inevitably produce a significant amount of written material for their client base, service users or the public. The information needs to be presented accurately and efficiently, and usually in plain English. Errors can be distracting at the very least, and potentially damaging or misleading.


Your organisation will benefit from a 'fresh eye' over the material, freeing up your employees to spend time on their core duties.


I am available for proofreading:

  • internal and external newsletters

  • tenders or other long/important documents or correspondence to be sent out en masse

  • meeting summaries/minutes

  • internal/external reports

  • stationery (business cards, letterheads)

  • marketing and informative material (brochures, leaflets, posters, questionnaires)

  • internet and intranet text

  • blog articles

  • training material

  • statutory material and updates

  • fundraising material


Please send me an email to discuss your organisation's requirements, or to agree the level of proofreading or editing required, a quote for the work, and terms of payment.


What next? 

Once you accept the quote, please email me with the text of your material. This may be in MS Word format, PDF, PowerPoint (which I will convert to PDF and annotate as appropriate), or you may have your own formatting requirements.

I will email the proofread/edited work to you by the deadline in your required format with appropriate queries usually addressed prior to the return of the files.

If you have any queries with the alterations, or if further discussion is required, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you would prefer to talk on the telephone, it is usually easier to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Please note that any work is treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

My clients say ...

“Johanna was a great communicator, and completed the project on time. She also offered  suggestions to improve language and readability and could suggest best practice, not just her opinion. We don't imagine ever having to look for another proofreader again. We will always send our work to Johanna.  We used another proofreader on a similar task at the same time as Johanna and Johanna's work was 100% better on every aspect.”

Rob Shaloe, Qualifications Network 


Things to consider: 


When instructing a proofreader, you may want to consider the following issues:


  • How much editing do you need? Is it punctuation and spelling/consistency only, or do you want more intervention and/or suggestions for improvement?

  • Will there be a later, second (or third) proofread, perhaps in a different format (e.g. MS Word initial proofread, PDF once typeset)?

  • What are your timescales? Is the work urgently required or is there flexibility with timescales?

  • Are there any project-specific elements the proofreader needs to be aware of? For example, industry-accepted terminology; academic referencing/style systems; checking pictures/diagrams/tables and/or link-checking; a house style/brand; US English or UK English?


All of the above (and possibly more) will form part of the brief that I will follow, and will help the project to proceed with maximum efficiency. 


If you are unsure whether you need a proofreading service or more intensive editing, please get in touch at and I can advise you. 

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