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Book publishers/PM companies

  • I am able to proofread on screen in MS Word using Tracked Changes and Comments or in PDFs using the relevant mark-up tools. I can also work on hard copy, using BSI symbols.

  • I am able to work on single- and multi-author books. I have worked on books where I liaise directly with the author in terms of queries. 

  • I have worked on academic, educational, trade, and fiction books.

  • My subject areas include (but are not restricted to): law (all aspects), English literature, humanities, finance, construction, shipping, business/entrepreneurs, politics, photography, memoir, design, fashion, crafts, home education, Early Years and Key Stage 1/2 materials. 


My clients say ...

“A very thorough and careful proofread - thank you.”

Taylor & Francis 


“Thank you so much for the proofread. As ever, it was a really thorough job, thank you!”

Apex CoVantage

Magazine publishers

I specialise in proofreading magazines, from in-flight to fashion, design, business and entrepreneurial. I recognise that magazines require a particular approach given the number and variety of articles, headings, captions, pullquotes, running headers, pictures, authors, fonts and styles.


I am adept at standardising into UK/US English (spelling, vocabulary and punctuation) and am able to pay careful attention to small but important aspects of style such as currency representation, capitalisation and abbreviations. I can mark up text to accommodate a specific house style (for example bold highlighting or number conventions) and I will address consistency of place and contributor names. I can also check validity of web links if your magazine is to be issued online.


My clients say ...

“Very pleased with Johanna's meticulousness. She was willing to go the extra mile to do the excellent work.”

Works That Work magazine


“Johanna performed to an excellent level.”

Moneymaker Magazine


For a list of books recently worked on please click the link below.

List of books and commissions
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